Oxidisation of the Dream


Shadows, cast by clouds

Fever dreams haunt memories

Time erodes all fears.

Hancock Gorge, Karijini National Park

Hancock Gorge was certainly a little difficult to navigate, very narrow sections & water to wade through making the passage interesting to say the least. Once again I was captivated by the geology of the gorge & it’s unique characteristics. I look forward to going back in there one day to capture more frames.Hancock Gorge Hancock Gorge1 Hancock Gorge1B&W Hancock Gorge2 Hancock Gorge3 Hancock Gorge4 Hancock Gorge5 Hancock GorgeB&W

Joffrey Gorge, Karijini National Park

A stone throw from the Karijini Eco Retreat is Joffrey Gorge. A scramble down naturally eroded steps to the water below reveals an amphitheater that envelops you in it’s grandeur.Joffrey Gorge Joffrey Gorge1 Joffrey Gorge1B&W Joffrey Gorge2

Dales Gorge, Karijini National Park

Karijini National Park in Western Australia’s Pilbara is home to a plethora of Gorges. Dales Gorge is the first visited in a few days spent there recently. I can honestly say that Karijini exceeded all expectations in terms of it’s unique natural beauty & the photographic opportunities it provides. I honestly feel that I could spend a lifetime seeking the perfect light in the the many natural wonders hidden within…Dales Gorge7

Dales Gorge6

Dales Gorge

Dales Gorge1

Dales Gorge2

Dales Gorge3

Dales Gorge4

Dales Gorge5