Advancing Tide

Advancing Tide

I captured this image as the sun set in northern Tasmania, at a place called Low Head where I spent much of my childhood. I found this rock formation after walking up and down the shoreline a few times, looking for a scene that caught my eye. I was seeking to capture a feeling of timelessness and nostalgia and a sense that the viewer had been there before. Much like the tide had been there before, advancing and retreating for an eternity. I found two spots, one with a series of craggy rocks covered in bright orange lichen, and then this scene. The decision was made as the sun retreated towards the horizon, like an eye heavily  burdened  with the weight of a days toil. The light was shifting towards warm tones and the cool blue of the water provided a nice contrast to that colour. The shape of the rocks captivated me also, showing a resilience and strength in the face of the never ending ebb and flow of the often tempestuous Bass Strait.

I hastily set up the tripod with what I gathered was about five minutes of warming light, a fleeting moment before the cool blue tones of twilight would take hold. I normally prefer to be set up with the view camera and have my composition locked down well before I actuate the shutter, in this instance I was setting up with a speed I would normally reserve for a digital set up. I managed to select my lens (90mm), adjust my depth of field and compose the frame in time. I attached my cable release and looked over my shoulder at the setting sun, at the last minute I released the shutter.

This image was captured using a Toyo Field 45AII and a Rodenstock Grandagon 90mm f4.5 on Fujichrome Velvia 50 4×5 film.

Pannawonica Rodeo 2015

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Pilbara Goanna (varanus pilbarensis)

Pilbara Goanna_-2

Another project I am undertaking is to document the wildlife of the Pilbara region whilst I am a resident here. There is no shortage of animals to capture with the camera, all requiring a unique approach. Bird variation is wide and reptiles are also well represented. The ever wary and elusive Euro Kangaroo is fairly high on my priority list, the fact that they are generally active from dusk until dawn poses some interesting challenges. The Euro Kangaroo is more than likely wary of humans because of tens of thousands of years of being hunted, so I can’t blame them for taking off when they see me wandering around with a super telephoto lens. Patience, good hiding places and knowledge of the areas that the Euro Kangaroos frequent will hopefully yield some results. Maybe in time they may get used to seeing me out and about and not be bothered with my quiet presence? Maybe…

Little Auks and a Svalbard Reindeer

I had some fun last year photographing the shaggy reindeer of Svalbard, Norway. They have plenty of visual character and they provided a nice and easy shooting experience. Compared to the Little Auks which were extremely fast moving at times…LittleAuk Little Auk Flies Little Auks Land Little Auks Land2

Reflections in the Pilbara

An ongoing project I have undertaken, in it’s basic form the collection of photographs will be dealing with reflections in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. Water reflections that are both literal and metaphoric in nature, captured predominantly with digital cameras both colour and black and white, and potentially some large format colour film as the project progresses. This is just the beginning of the project and the concept is still quite broad, I will enjoy the process and see how the collection and concept evolves over time…

Reflection-10 Reflection-11 Reflection-16 Reflection-19 Reflection-21 Reflection-23 Reflection-26 Reflection-28 Reflection