Oxidisation of the Dream


Shadows, cast by clouds

Fever dreams haunt memories

Time erodes all fears.

Leaf and Stone

Leaf Litter

Rain, fall forever,

wet thy leaf and stone, then grow

and never return.



Of Foundation and Water.


As the river flow reduces more each day, at the tail end of the wet season. Root systems of the gum trees that populate the river bed become more visible. They twist and turn in search of foundation and water.

This image was captured in 2015.

Toyo Field 45AII + Rodenstock Grandagon 90mm f4.5 + Kodak Ektar 100 4×5

River Gum Reflected


Gum tree on the Robe River, draped in the setting sunlight.

The Pilbara region of Western Australia.

The first time I happened upon this tree I was captivated by the unique shape of it and the weathered and gnarled trunk covered in rough bark peeling like ancient paper. At the tail end of the wet season, some water left in the river enabled this scene to unfold. I had revisited this particular tree a couple of times with this image in mind, the last light of the day penetrating the surrounding trees and between distant hills to light the scene ever so briefly, before the silent twilight took hold.