Based in Northern Tasmania, I walk the beaches and the highlands in search of an inner peace, a sense of purpose and compositions that quiet the busy mind in a modern world. Join me on the journey…

I capture my work primarily on Fuji Velvia sheet film with a 4×5 field camera and a monorail (Toyo 45AII and a Toyo VX125) . I have three lenses that stay in my kit most of the time which are Rodenstock 90mm, 150mm and 210mm. I also have a Schneider 58mm which I use every so often with a 6×12 panoramic back. In the past I have also dabbled with a bit of digital here and there for shooting wildlife and some landscape/nature work. My primary medium now is 4×5 and I have a Leica M10 and MP coupled with 50mm and 28mm lenses which are generally always with me.

My iPhone is also a great previsualisation device which has the same approximate angle of view as my 90mm for the 4×5, which is my favourite lens by far. Previewing my compositions prior to setting up the 4×5 is a very useful capability.

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