Pilbara Goanna (varanus pilbarensis)

Pilbara Goanna_-2

Another project I am undertaking is to document the wildlife of the Pilbara region whilst I am a resident here. There is no shortage of animals to capture with the camera, all requiring a unique approach. Bird variation is wide and reptiles are also well represented. The ever wary and elusive Euro Kangaroo is fairly high on my priority list, the fact that they are generally active from dusk until dawn poses some interesting challenges. The Euro Kangaroo is more than likely wary of humans because of tens of thousands of years of being hunted, so I can’t blame them for taking off when they see me wandering around with a super telephoto lens. Patience, good hiding places and knowledge of the areas that the Euro Kangaroos frequent will hopefully yield some results. Maybe in time they may get used to seeing me out and about and not be bothered with my quiet presence? Maybe…

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