Old Machine Room

This series of images were photographed with an 80 year old lens; The Leica Hektor 7.5cm f1.9

Noticeably soft wide open, sharp when stopped down. This lens has a unique look and feel to it, my Grandfather used it on his Leica III from the mid 1930’s. I was able to find a Voigtlander 50/75mm screw mount to M bayonet mount adapter for my Leica Monochrom. It is an honour and a privilege to be able to photograph with my Grandfathers lens.

I have recently had the Hektor and also the Summar 5cm f2 lens with the Leica III serviced and cleaned with the intention of using them. I shot a roll of Kodak Ektar 100 in it which has been processed and the camera appears to be working correctly. Amazing that an 80 year old camera that is 100% mechanical and requires no batteries is still in full working condition. I am pretty sure the plastic feeling Canon 5D Mark II I have won’t be working in 80 years time! It has already had one trip to Canon repair. The build quality of Leica cameras is renowned and legendary, hence a big part of the reason I decided on the Leica Monochrom.

Old Machine Room-3

Old Machine Room-7 Old Machine Room-10 Old Machine Room-11Old Machine Room-5 Old Machine Room-13 Old Machine Room-14 Old Machine Room

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