An Early Start

I was up at 4am to head towards Quamby Bluff in the Great Western Tiers, with the hope of catching the morning light in a unique setting. A solid hike to the summit with quite a few stops along the way to capture a few frames. A highlight for me was to find some small patches of ice & snow, caught by the morning spring light. Not to mention the 360 degree view of the surrounding countryside from the summit.Quamby Bluff-00 Quamby Bluff-4 Quamby Bluff-5 Quamby Bluff-00-2 Quamby Bluff-00-4 Quamby Bluff-00-3 Quamby Bluff-11 Quamby Bluff-6 Quamby Bluff-00-5 Quamby Bluff-18 Quamby Bluff-32 Quamby Bluff-28 Quamby Bluff-27 Quamby Bluff-37 Quamby Bluff-29 Quamby Bluff-22 Quamby Bluff-15 Quamby Bluff Quamby Bluff-13 Quamby Bluff-12 Quamby Bluff-38

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