Motivation to simplify & focus on the photo…

Carrying the SLR & multiple lenses with me whenever possible is always a bit of an effort, especially considering the amount of time I spend flying & traversing airports. Also the fact that multiple lenses & bodies can slow the process of capturing photographs in some cases. 

For a while now I have been seeking a more pure & simplified experience with photography. I have wanted to strip it back to a point where the equipment becomes second to the image. Instead of juggling the SLR & lenses of varying combinations  I have decided to carry one camera & a 50mm lens. A small kit that can be by my side at all times. I will no longer miss those moments that passed me by due to the fact that I could not carry my SLR with me that day! I want to shoot more & since purchasing my new smaller camera & lens combo I have been shooting daily. It has certainly reinvigorated my photography & passion for the medium. 

Recently I have been shooting with a Mamiya C3 medium format TLR camera which set me down the path of a slower more considered approach to photography. I have been shooting Ilford Delta 100 & 400 film which has also inspired me to pursue my photography in black & white. I am focussed on the tonal qualities of a scene & the composition of my photographs, this can only help me grow as a photographer.

The next step for me is to delve into the realm of large format photography with a view camera. The time is not right yet but it will happen, for now I will be focussing on my black & white work with the Leica Monochrom & the fast Summilux 50mmImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

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