Salamanca market, Hobart

Salamanca Market pleasantly confuses your senses: a cacophony of sounds with buskers singing and grocers spruiking their wares; the smell of cooking bratwurst or local huon pine crafts; the feel of a merino scarf or soft leather handbag; the taste of a freshly brewed coffee and crunch of juicy apple; all contributing to the bustling sight in front of you. Which way to go?


For three decades local farmers have been bringing their wares to Salamanca Market. They arrive in the pre-dawn hours as the local pubs are emptying and proudly display their produce. The market provides an important meeting ground where a chat with the local character is as rewarding as the crisp, fresh fruit he sells.


salamanca7Tasmania is fiercely proud of its produce, with much being exported to decorate interstate and international tables. This fresh locally grown produce, while a pleasure to eat may wind up as a delicious pear cider from one of many local microbreweries.

Salamanca-0Salamanca-2Colonial architecture juxtaposed with modern, the Salamanca Market is a place where people meet, mingle and wander. Sometimes all four seasons meet at the market in one day, yet that won’t keep many away.

Thelma's Cottagesalamanca6


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